Photo editor for the agency Explorer, he becomes aware of his attachment to the image. Then he joined the photo service of the newspaper L'Equipe. It is to the agency Gamma, where he is photo editor, that he becomes a member of the photographers' staff. During these years in this prestigious agency, he carries out news reports, magazine topics, He also discovers sports photography, with its requirements: the Olympic Games and "the image not to be missed on the arrival of the 100 meters ". In 1993, he joined the agency Glmr, and made reports such as the Atlantic tour of the 1950s Catalina hydroplane, a vast report along the Mekong River. He is also interested in fashion and realizes a subject on this strange world, from Milan to New York via Paris, report exposed at the Carrousel du Louvre during the week of fashion. And then he decides to go meet the different ethnic groups of Siberia to report a testimony in pictures on the strong relationship of these peoples with nature. To be a reporter is to show things true. He works for the NGO Action against Hunger: state of emergency in Liberia, with all the human distress. One of his favorite subjects: street children in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during the economic crisis. Then he realizes reports on nature, "Néblina, mists and scents" an exploration of the Amazonian tépuis in Venezuela, then a vast work with UNESCO on the Kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalayas. He expressed his passion for the image through the nature magazine Terre Sauvage which he was the director of photography for 8 years, Currently photographer for the Yves Rocher Foundation, for the program of Planting Trees on the planet, "For a positive imprint ", he continues the realization of magazine topics: photographer, and collaborator at Figaro Magazine. He is a complete photographer: sports, news, art of living, decoration, fashion, portrait, institutional. "To create together images to your image".